Why Soft

to enhance your patients' comfort

Harsh Metal Is Harsh to Tissue .

We understand there are common metal instruments used every day in your practice but what if you had a gentler choice? You do now. We want to give you an additional product that is more comfortable and gentler on tissue and more comfortable for your patient when they are healing. Our entire portfolio of Soft Retraction was developed with leading clinicians.

There is a comfortable choice to add to your dental tray to improve tissue management and home care .


Our soft retractors can be used chairside and can then immediately be given to the patient or caregiver to use and improve hygiene at home.


Developed to give clinicians a softer more comfortable option when retracting tissue compared to hard metal or plastic deal for any procedures.


You now have a comfortable choice to add to your dental tray to improve tissue management and home care.

Our products

A complete range .

Assessment, surgical and after care retractor for tongue evaluation and surgeries.

Your intraoral scanning parter. Faster and easier scans.

Post procedure retractor to improve home care. Better access. Better hygiene.

Dual purpose refractor used chairside and at home.

Comfort, access, safety .

All of our retractors are covered in a comfortable material that doesn’t comprimise the tissue when retracting and improves healing. Specially designed to provide comfort, relief and safety for all patients including special health care needs, geriatric patients and caregivers. Our unique ergonomic instruments provide access, visibility and control for clinician chairside.

Soft Tissue Retraction

Non Reflective & Comfort

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