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Armor Dental develops and manufactures a patented portfolio of soft-retraction dental instruments, which are revolutionizing both the provider and patient experience not only chairside but is also improving the connected health loop between clinician and patient so long-term oral health maintains.

Armor Dental has amassed a growing .P. portfolio with 10 utility patents globally, as well as trademarks in the U.S. for both Mouth-Mate® and Scan-Mate®. Armor Dental has developed the entirely new concept of soft retraction in dentistry and introduced the first of a growing soft retraction line of instruments, which include Scan-Mate and Mouth-Mate, which are available today through major distributors. Armor Dental has also partnered with the University of Pennsylvania on 5-year clinical study, in addition to conducting product pilots with several leading dental schools in the U.S. Armor Dental has a pipeline of additional soft retraction products in development that leverage existing .P. and will soon be launching a revolutionary new retraction device for laser procedures. Armor Dental manufacturers all our products in the U.S.

Armor Dental works compatibly with dental professionals as an extension of the patients’ oral wellness team, by offering easy to use products that help reduce patient anxiety, pain, infections, and complications while improving patient satisfaction, and driving referrals.

Our team is very passionately committed to improving clinician’s work flow and patient’s home care once they leave the dental office by empowering their own home recovery with helpful products, clinical data, and superior customer service.

CEO Tidbits:

Armor is passionate about connected health and how we can connect the clinician’s work into the home. We committed to impacting patient behaviors in because more needs to be done for patients once they leave their procedure. Caregivers and patients need support and guidance at home to maintain their health. This could be a mom teaching her child how to brush their teeth for the first time, a teenager with new braces needing help with hygiene, an implant patient trying to maintain strong hygiene for the lifetime of the implant, a patient leaving a cleaning and being told “You need to reach your molars better”, a cancer patient with unbearable mouth sores due to treatment and is having a hard time brushing, a caregiver who needs help with oral care for her patient at home because she is worried about getting bit and lastly the geriatric patient whose loved one needs help at home with brushing. We can help millions of people. And we will be helping millions of people.

Our company is committed to AADMD and Special Olympics. Inclusive health is the only health.

I am passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs and advising early-stage startups. I have walked in your shoes so please reach out to me personally. I absolutely love hearing other entrepreneur’s journeys. One tip of advice… Surround yourself by a strong tribe of people who care about you and believe in you. However, do not surround yourself by YES people. You want positivity in your life but you want advisors who will tell it to vou straight listen to their advice and col aborate with other An entrenreneur’s journey is not a one lane highway. It is a multi-lane highway and constantly changing as you travel through the journey.

My biggest accomplishment is my mariage and raising our 3 incredible children. I also love our 2 dogs.

I exercise every day as it sets my mind right for the day. I have run a full marathon, over 25 half marathons and numerous triathlons. The Olympic Tri distance is my favorite.

One word of advice – Always return the grocery cart!

Armor Dental continues to innovate because of our customers and their patients. They provide incredible feedback, which we then include in our product development to further make an impact on our patient’s health.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit us again! Feel free to drop me an email and share your feedback to info@armor-dental.com or send me a note to cherie@armor-dental.com

Warmest regards,

Cherie Le Penske

Founder & CEO
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